Angelina Solar I, LLC submitted an application for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to the Ohio Power Siting Board in December 2018.  At a capacity of 80 Megawatts, the Project will be constructed and operate within an approximately 827-acre area of privately owned land approximately 4 miles north of College Corner, Ohio.  Angelina will commence construction of the facility during the fourth quarter of 2019 and place the facility in service by December of 2020.

The Project Area is ideal for a utility-scale solar farm because it is adjacent to a point in the regional transmission system at which power can be supplied without the need for substantial and costly upgrades to that system.  Use of the Project Area will enable the generation of large amounts of solar power because it is generally level and open.

The Project will consist of solar photo-voltaic panels and will not use any fuel, any appreciable amount of water, and it will not generate any air pollution, water pollution, or hazardous waste.  The equipment comprising the Project will have very few moving parts and will make almost no sound.  With only minimal disturbance of topsoil and few underground foundations, the Project will require very few changes to the land surface and will productively utilize existing, open agricultural fields.


Open Road Renewables boasts one of the most experienced team of developers in the country. Members of our team have been involved in some of the most challenging and exciting renewable energy projects, including the largest solar project of its kind in the state of Maryland, dozens of solar projects from California to Maryland, and enough wind generation capacity to power hundreds of thousands of homes. Open Road Renewables has successfully permitted 350 MW of solar in Ohio including the Hillcrest Solar Project (Brown County) and Willowbrook Solar Project (Highland & Brown Counties).

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